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10 Favorite Hair Products & Tools EVER !

7:56 PMDarlyn

You hear me right, those are my ALL TIME favorites. I've been using them all for years so I can say with assurance that they won't disapoint you if you try them out. By the way, I don't mention them in any specific order, it would be to hard to do so anyways, I love them all so much :)

This one has literally changed my life when I discovered it back in 2007. I got it in 2008. Love it since then. You can only buy it online, at sweetliss.com !
Also, I apologise for this picture, I could have at least unrolled the wire... hehe :)

Yes, I admit I have been unfaithful to the Sweetliss ! But the GHD, not only is more glamourous, it also is more efficient ! But it's also twice as expensive ! Your choice ;)

 Hair Food
Ahhh... Hair Food... I've been familiar with this one since at least 2007. It helps so much with everything you might be concerned with with your hair ! I get asked this all the time, so you can buy it in afro stores and sometimes even in supermarkets (just 1 brand though, dark&lovely).

 Little Hair Clips
So usefull ! They style your hair in seconds ! They're also very inexpensive, so I don't see why I should keep talking (er, writing) to convince them to try them out. Just do it !

 Franck Provost Heat Protectant
A must-have when you get use of hot tools. I like how it doesn't only protect, but also helps to style ! What more can you possibly ask for ?

 TRESemmé Curl Activator
My British and American friends, how lucky are you to live where you live, where you just have to go to your local store to find TRESemmé products ?! I just love this brand, but it's not available in France. I have NO IDEA why... -_- So I say you should take immediate advantage of your position to give this product a try !

 GLISS Asia Liss Conditioner
For once that a product really is efficient from the first time you use it, don't even bother asking question, just buy it and see by yourself !

 Eugène Color Les Mèches
This is probably not available elsewhere than France, Belgium & Switzerland. Sorry for everybody else ! But on the other hand, I doubt that it is as hard everywhere to get something that lightens black hair. Also, don't be scared by the model's hair on the box, you really don't have to do your highlights in the same ugly way than her !

 Round Hair Brush
Among all the products & tools mentioned here, this is the one I've been using for the longest time. It all started in my childhood, because this round brush, surprisingly enough, became all the rage in my primary school. Now, everybody forgot about it, well, everybody but me. This comb is amazing.

Dessange Boucles Sculpt' Foam
I bought THIS exact bottle back in freaking 2009. Why is there still some product left in this bottle ? I have no freaking idea. Actually, when I think of it, it's a bit creepy. But that won't keep me from using it anytime I wear my hair curly ! You should too !

 So I hope this video and blogpost are helpfull to you. I will soon do it/them in French.
Thanks for reading !

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