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Mixed Hair - Care Routine

12:31 PMDarlyn

That's right ! I know you've been waiting for this video for a very long time, so finally, here it is !!

Btw, I will be soon posting another greatly requested and awaited video about hair, so stay tuned ;)

Here is a closer look to the products mentioned in the video :

 The shampoos

 Head & Shoulder Endurance

I've been using Head & Shoulder shampoos for years ! But I try not to abuse of them because they are more damaging than other shampoos as the anti-dandruff action make them more aggressive than regular shampoos. Anyway, as I explained in the video, I only use it on my scalp. 

 Gliss Kur - Nutri Protect Shampoo

This smell like roses ! It's written in dutch because I bought it in a shop that import beauty products from Spain and Germany as they are less expensive there than in France. This products really makes hair easier to straighten and shinier as well !

 Boucles Sculpt' by Dessange

This is a French brand so I don't know if it's available in other countries :S To be honest I don't think this shampoo makes a real difference on my hair, but since I bought it and since it's cute, I use it anyways :) But I probably won't buy it again.


The Conditioners 

 Asia Liss Conditioner by Gliss

You HAVE to try this out, it does wonders !

Hydra Liss mask by Garnier Fructis

This is a must-buy ! I never used any other conditioner since I tried out this one, it was love at first sight ! It's texture is so creamy, I love it ! Try it out :) 


The after care

 Hair Food by TCB 

If you've been watching a few of my hair videos, you probably already know that this is maybe my favorite hair product EVER ! I made a whole video about it, check it out : CLIK HERE TO WATCH IT !!
Btw, this can be bought in afro stores and I saw some in supermarkets as well.

 Curl activator spray by Tresemmé

I'm so pissed off that this can't be bought in France ! Rrrr... I will have to go all the way to London to buy some again ! But Tresemmé products are worth it ! I also love their hair spray and heat protectant !

 Boucles Sculpt' foam by Dessange

Once again, it's a French brand, so maybe only available in France... It really helps to tame the hair, so I like it !


I hope you enjoy the video and this blog post :)

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  1. Only recently did I start using Head and Shoulders. This shampoo combined with nightly use of coconut oil generally solves my problems.



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