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4:14 PMDarlyn

As far as I can remember, I always needed inspiration to get things done.

My whole life has been modeled with the many influences I was getting from the outside. And my plan for the future is the result of all those influences. That's just how it is for me, I need this as a motivation.

I have been thinking of opening my own blog for a while now. And the influence I got from the outside pushed me to create one. Btw, don't think I'm a little influencable girl. I'm not ! I'm just a girl who looks around and picks what she likes :)

From what I've been gathering in my spiritual inspiration scrapbook (yes, I do have such a thing. I'm sure you do to, maybe you've just never noticed !), I can say this blog would be about life, beauty and food. So about everything, really. - Everything that happens to be pinned in my spiritual inspiration scrapbook.

So here, like if this was a virtual opening ceremony, I would like to start off by giving this little tribute to the few blogs that nourished my own creativity and imagination.

In no particular order :

Thank you for the inspiration :)

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