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For the longest time, I couldn't care less about him, though. I though he was bad looking, and only playing in bad movies – movies for guys, with too much action and not enough romance.

How wrong was I.

Every single movie I have watched with Keanu Reeves in it was G.R.E.A.T. That man has a hell of a good taste. And let's face it, he's one of the most beautiful thing on earth. For some reason, he often looks bad on pictures. Not photogenic at all ! But when you see this man in actionmaaaan !
Perfection. -
like his face, his body, his hair, his voice and the way he walks. Nothing to waste, I tell you.

As I like him very much (could you tell ? ^^), I looked for info on his personnal life. – Yes, that's what I do when I like a celebrity. If I could stalk him, I probably would. Don't judge me -_-
And what I found out was really unexpected and caught me by surprise !
The poor guy lost his best friend River Phoenix, who died in 1993 in a club owned by Johnny Depp. Then, Keanu had his girlfriend pregnant, but she delivered a stillborn baby. And it's not over ! 1 year later, that same girlfriend passed away after a car crash. How mean can the fate be with one personn ? Sad, sad, sad.

My Keanu-movies Top 5 :
5 – Matrix
4 – Much ado about nothing
3 – Point break
2 - Sweet november
1 - Speed

 Ridiculously good looking.

 I want this picture with me in my grave.


What about you ? Do you have a passion for a celibrity out there? Do you have a favorite actor ? 

Until next time...

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