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7:08 AMDarlyn

Hello my dear readers !

In order to thank you for reading, here are two little presents, from me to you !

First, for all those Beauty Obsessed girls out there, here is a coupon code to have 5% off on bornprettystore.comCDL88 ! If you don't know this website yet, they sell nail art products, colored contact lenses, brushes and much more ! And it's all very affordable ! Check it out and take advantage of the discount code :)

Second, I would like to give you a preview of my next video, which will be named « My obsessions of September »

This will be my own version of the « My Favorites of The Month » videos serie, that I didn't want to do as I don't buy enough beauty products to make a video about my favorites ones every month !

So in those « Obsessions of the Month » videos, I will be listing my favorite thing in 10 different categories :

1 - a YouTuber
2 - a Crush
3 - a Picture
4 - a Song
5 - a Movie
6 - a Book
7 - a Food
8 - a Fashion item
9 - a Beauty item
10 - a Quote

Do you like the idea ? I want to make this video serie only if you guys are interested in watching it, so don't hesitate to tell me your opinion, on here, on YouTube or via a PM

I won't be giving away all my September Obessions here, you'll have to watch the video for that ! But I will give away two of them : my favorite Picture and my favorite Quote !

First the Pic :
Cute right ? I know !!!

Now, the quote :

« It's not true that I had nothing on ; I had the radio on ! »
- Marilyn Monroe

I hope you appreciate the preview and stay tuned to watch the whole video tomorrow on YouTube !

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